Thursday, June 14, 2012

Play Ball!

Last night Rob, my sister, and I took Nora to Rockies vs Athletics baseball game. We all like the Rockies, but Teresa and I come from a family of Oakland Athletics fans... So we had to represent East Bay pride last night (well, Teresa and I did. Nora was in a Rockies onsie and Rob remained neutral). It was a night game and Nora was exhausted so she was a little fussy at times, but luckily our section was empty so we managed to get through it. It was really fun (especially since the As won!), totally worth the exhaustion I feel right now.

This was actually Nora's second game, as we went with a group from  Rob's work to a Dodger's game last week. Last week they were out of "my first game" pins so we picked one up last night. I know won't remember these little outings when she is older, but it will cool to show her the photos and mementos.

Coors Field

Rockies colors!

Silly faces

tired faces

East Bay Pride!

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