Monday, July 30, 2012

A New Era

Everyday I reminded that Nora is more like a toddler than a baby. A delightful new development occurred this morning and I have provided a long-winded description below. You are welcome.

First, some background. Nora is neither a great nor a terrible sleeper. Even as a newborn she slept pretty well, sleeping in 3-4 hour blocks from the beginning. At worst we were only up twice a night. Eventually she went down to once a night, and she never really required much to back to bed. A little comforting, and when she was younger, a mini nursing session and she was back to sleep. 10 minutes at max. Plus she sleeps in all environments - loud, silent, lots of activity, by her self, on the floor, in a crib, in a car... once even during a parade! So we figure in many ways we got off easy.

But she still gets up once most night. We attribute this to her struggle with night terrors and an inability to fall asleep in between cycles  (some nights it's less than 30 seconds before she is back asleep, so she's not really fully awake). Crying it out doesn't help because it causes her to get hysterical and wake herself up more. We know that we have to work on it eventually but we are lazy  for now our solution is to deal with it, by either rocking her back to sleep or bringing her back in the bed with us. This is a large part of the reason why we co-slept so long with her in the first place. For the past few months she has slept at least the first part of the night in her crib (most nights, anyway).

Background part two: about a month ago, Nora figured out how to get off of the bed or the couch (or down stairs). I was very impressed when she first did it, because we certainly didn't teach her, and she only fell once or twice before she realized she needed a new strategy. She gets toward the edge, then spins around on her stomach and lowers her legs down until she touches the ground.

Maybe you see where this is going...

Last night she had a rough time sleeping, so I brought her to our bed at 11pm or so. She slept okay until about 6 this morning - totally normal. Spidy-sense ensures that as soon as she is awake, I'm at least half-conscious. Usually she sits up in bed and pokes/kicks me/Rob until we get up to play with her. This morning she woke up, took one look at us still (half) sleeping, and booked it to the edge of the bed. Rob and I looked at each other and I whispered that we should pretend to sleep, to see what she does.

I'll tell you what she did. She got to the edge of the bed, got off the bed, then sped-crawled down the hall towards the kitchen, without a second glance at us. And you could tell that she was annoyed when Rob scooped her and brought her back to bed.

Guys, it is the start to a new and terrifying era in our household.


Carly Anne said...

Haha! This cracked me up... Sounds like she's becoming very independent.

Nicole said...

Very! See what you have in store!

Kyle said...

A new, terrifying and ADORABLE era! She is a firecracker... wonder who she gets that from... ;)