Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The End is Near

On my way to work this morning I realized I had forgotten my coffee. The iced coffee that I specifically went out of my way to make. I was too lazy to open the milk that had been delivered this morning and way too lazy to reach in the back for the already open milk, so I had splashed my coffee with heavy cream. Oh yes I did. And I accidentally grabbed the full sugar caramel syrup instead of the the sugar free almond that I usually use. Some might say that forgetting it was the universe was telling me that I didn't need that basically melted ice cream coffee, but I would like to think it was the universe telling me I didn't need to get to work early.

Anyway, while at a stoplight debating if I should go back for the coffee I realized that I also forgot my pump. That sealed the deal, and back to my house I went. The coffee was good, in case you were wondering.

But really what I want to talk about is the damn pump. Or rather, the end of the damn pump. That's right, we have been green-lighted to wean Nora to whole milk at 11 months. Which, (sob), is in 3 weeks. I've opted to wean at 11 months rather than 12 because it will be easier for our upcoming trip (alone overnight trips!), but also because I'm ready, and it seems pointless to wean her to formula only for a month or two.

I loved breastfeeding. It totally worked well for us. It was one of the things I really looked forward to while pregnant and I am so proud of myself for surpassing my initial goal of 6 months. However, I never mastered the art of nursing in public (family doesn't count), so we brought bottles with us everywhere anyway. That meant a lot time hooked up to a pump, on top of my 2-3 daily sessions at work.

So in 3 weeks, I will pump no longer. I plan on a gradual weaning, and will still night/comfort nurse for a while yet. Part of me will miss it, but I never saw extended nursing as something that would work for our family and I think it is time to move on to the next phase of parenthood. It is shocking how fast this past year has gone. My baby is more like a toddler everyday and while I love all the new things that are coming our way, it's bittersweet. Nora will never ever be that small, helpless, meowing newborn every again, and weaning her is a huge reminder of just how quickly she is growing up.

So, in summary, I loved breast feeding, am super proud of myself for making it 11 months as a working mom, will miss it a little, but am pretty excited about leaving the pump bag at home forever and ever (until the next baby).

No sooner had I wrote this than I discovered that I have a plugged duct today. I've only had one once before and it was resolved quickly, but really? Is this to show me that it's not so simple as saying "I'm done!" ? Damn it.


Carly Anne said...

Can I ask, how long was each nursing session at work when you first went back? And, did you start with 3 and go down to 2, or...?

I'm concerned about how to make pumping at the office work for me, as I work in an open floor plan (i.e. no individual offices) and will have to hide in the bathroom every time I need to pump. Ugh.

Feel free to email me if this is getting crazy personal:

Any insight you have is greatly appreciated!

gin said...

Congrats for making it to a year! Or eleven months, but I like to round up. I loved breast feeding but hated every damn minute spent pumping. I put that thing away and haven't thought twice about it.