Thursday, July 5, 2012

Monday on a Thursday

I hate holidays that fall in the middle of the work week. It's so disruptive. It doesn't help that I work an "alternative work schedule" meaning I pack all of my hours into M-Th, with Fridays off. My manager has a policy that we lose our AWS day off on weeks with holidays. So it's not really a holiday week for me at all - just a different day off rather than an extra one. Lame. But I don't press the issue considering I would rather deal with this than lose the ability to have every Friday off... picking my battles, I guess. But Mondays are hard for me - leaving my baby after 3 days together sucks, no matter how you look at it. And a Monday on a Thursday is just torture. I cried this morning (so did Nora, but that is because I suck and accidentally pinched her with her dumb binky leash thing).

Not to mention that this year 4th of July was really lackluster. Anyone who watched the news in the past month is aware that basically the entire state of Colorado was on fire in June, prompting a statewide fire/fireworks ban. Most of the cities cancelled their firework shows out of either respect or common sense, which I totally agree with. But it still makes for a quiet 4th.

Despite all that, our 4th was decent. It happens to be my husband's birthday, so we did a little celebrating this week. Sunday we had a BBQ at my parent's house; Tuesday night we went out with our bestie, Kyle; Yesterday we went to my in-laws for the day.

Rob's birthday gifts. Nora got him Endless Summer II and Czara got him a little waterproof camera!

Us, at a dive bar. It's been a while since we could go to a place like that.

Us, on our way for the night. Not the best picture, but better than no picture!
  We had a great time at the community pool where my in-laws live. Nora is a little water baby. We've taken her to the pool a few times, and she can't get enough. We support while gliding her through the water and she kicks and splashes like she knows what she is doing. The look on her face while "swimming" is pure, unabashed joy. Pictures coming eventually.

Water baby, at the pool near our house a few weeks ago
 Growing up in California I spent my entire summers in my grandparent's pool, so knowing that my daughter loves swimming as much as I do makes me so happy. I can't wait until August when we go visit my family in California - we will be staying at my grandma's house so she will get plenty of pool action!

And in case anyone is wondering what I got Rob, I signed us up for some surfing lessons in Santa Cruz! We've both always wanted to learn but neither of us has ever been, so it will be cool to learn together. I'm sure Rob, who skates and snowboards, will be much better than me, but I have already accepted that. We will get to Santa Cruz on our 4th wedding anniversary (8/8/12), so it will be a fun few days that kicks off our vacation. We have tons of other fun things planned, but I better stop talking about it or else I won't be able to make it through the next month!

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