Sunday, August 26, 2012

A House Divided

I've never discussed this before, but Rob and I are trying to raise Nora between two very different world. I know we are not the first parents in this situation, but sometimes it is hard to reconcile the wishes of two families that will never see eye to eye on a very important matter.

You see, Rob's family are all Broncos' fans, and mine are Raiders' fans.

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If you know anything at all about American football (which I don't), then you know that these two teams are mortal enemies. There are some exceptions. I have a Raiders fan aunt who is in love with John Elway, and Rob doesn't hate the Raiders (he has many friends who love them). Personally I like the Raiders because of familial ties, but being a native Californian I have experienced the obnoxious behavior of Coloradans Broncos fans first hand, much different from what I saw when I lived in California. So of course that's a further turn off (And I'm sure all sports fans can be obnoxious at certain times, I'm just saying it was culture shock to see how crazy Coloradans get over sports as a whole). But Rob's family is fairly down to earth (although devoted) and his sister is actually a cheerleader for the Broncos, so I can't rightfully ban Nora from the Bronocos either.

So Rob and I have agreed to raise Nora to know both teams, so that she may decide for herself as an adult. To be honest, I have a pretty low opinion of professional sports as a whole, and especially football players. I think they are all overpaid and if you ask me, don't seem as gracious and appreciative as I would be in their position. And don't even get me started on Michael Vick. I like watching hockey, I like baseball, we used to watch a ton of MMA, and I do think that athletes should be admired for their dedication and skill. I just don't think they should be revered as gods.

That being said, we are on our way to my and Nora's first football game (Broncos vs 49ers).

*Update: The game was fun, although it was too hot to stay for the whole game. I have to admit the atmosphere is infectious, even for haters like myself. The guy behind us offered to take our picture. He sucked at it, but whatever. Can't complain when someone does you a favor.


Ellen said...

You know, Jorge would LOVE to send some Raiders attire to Nora.. Would you guys mind? Would she wear it? lol

Nicole said...

That would be awesome! Of course she would wear it! In fact, I was going to ask if you could check Walmart for Raiders baby clothes, since I know they have Bronocos clothes out here. And Nora already has 3 Broncos onsies that Rob's sister bought her so we need to even up the score!

Kyle said...

I really do love how you phrased this... and with my father being a die-hard Raiders fan, I think you realize the opposition he faced raising his kids in Colorado. ;) Watch Nora grow up to like synchronized swimming instead! :D