Thursday, August 2, 2012

Almost walking...

On July 17th, Nora took her first step. I was dropping her off at my mom's house, and she wanted my badge. I had placed her by my mom, who was sitting in her office chair. Nora stood up using my mom's leg, and took a step toward me my badge. She didn't even realize what she had done and she only took one step before she fell, but I had a witness and it counted.

She's a pro at standing and cruising, so I knew this day was coming soon. She has been doing the whole hold-my-hand-while-I-kinda-walk for a week now, so I know it's going to all click any moment.

Last Saturday (7/28), she took about three steps by herself before falling. I can't remember what her motivation was, but it was probably something totally baby appropriate like a knife or a cocktail or some assorted chocking hazards.

I'm actually surprised that she isn't walking already, given how active she is. It's one of those things that I am actually happy that we have had a little more time to come to terms with (not that we spent that time baby-proofing, unfortunately). Come September, when we are back from our vacation, we will have to have a nice long baby-proofing/re-designing session at our house. I can already see that all of my nice little vintage items will have to go, since Nora's favorite hobby these days is grabbing things off of table tops. As in she reached up and grabs wildly until she gets ahold of something, preferably something breakable or spillable (keep in mind she can't see what she is reaching for).

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