Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What can Nora do? A way too detailed report of adorable things

Nora has entered a whole new stage of playing - the imagination/imitation games. She likes to pretend to talk on our phones or pretends to feed us. And she imitates everything - from washing her hands, to cleaning her self (she wiped off her feet with a napkin the other day, so adorable), dressing herself (everything goes over her head), washing her hair (she rubs her hair whenever she gets some liquid or lotion on her hands. She was doing it every time we applied sunscreen!), and helping us do the same (she wiped sunscreen all over daddy's face).
She has a great sense of humor. Nothing she loves more than laughing!

Being silly and Ellen and Jorge's house

Still dances whenever music comes on, and now will follow specific choreography depending on the song (anyone remember Sharon, Lois, Brahm and the Elephant Show? She mimics the skinnamarinky dance, but only when she hears that song - even if we just sing it). She has also tries singing a bit (especially to Feist's 1-2-3-4 on Sesame Street).

She will take several steps on her own (she falls as soon as she realizes what she is doing), but for longer journeys prefers dragging adults around by the finger for hours on end.

She isn't saying many specific words besides Mama, Nana, and Daddy. We hear the occasional hi or up but mostly just expects us to understand what she wants without words. Yet she can communicate very clearly what she wants without using words - it's actually pretty amazing to see. She points, uses facial expressions, and uses whatever other means necessary to get her point across. Not to say that she is quiet - she definitely a chatterer, it's just nonsensical at this point.

She has a bit of a diva in her. She shows a strong preference for having other people do things for, even things that she is more than capable of  doing herself (like with bottles and sippy cups - she will actually seek me out and hand me the cup if she is thirsty). Not sure where she gets that from, says the girl who never climbed out of her crib herself. My mom apparently even tried teaching me to get out on my own, but I refused. I just cried and waited for her to come get me.

She knows what "nice" and "gentle" means and will stroke our faces when we ask her to show us "nice."

She also understands quite a bit of what we are saying, since she responds to our commands.

She's way into buckles at the moment. I've gotten a lot of "little engineer" comments. And on a sidenote, I never really saw myself as a feminist until I had a little girl. I mean, as a woman I have always been pro-woman, but I guess I just took a lot for granted. Having a little girl has made me realize that feminisim isn't a dirty word. And isn't it awesome that we live in a time when people (men and women) don't think twice about calling my little girl an engineer? Not sure how often that was thrown around when my mom was a baby...

Nora is familiar with some less common baby games and rhymes, thanks to my mom and grandma. They learned little rhymes in Italian, a mix of Italian and English, or English translated from Italian. There is one that is about a cat and a mouse, and it involves stroking her face slow at first, then fast. She thinks that is so funny!

She also learned a sign this week - "CooCoo, no more!" My Italian Great-Grandma, when the kids' food was gone, would show her left hand to the child and twist her right index finger in her left palm while saying, "CooCoo, no more!" Yeah, Nora learned that one in less than a week. I was feeding her a pouch and when it was empty, she did that. I hadn't said anything to her - she just knew the pouch was all gone. We are considering a few baby sign language classes now. I wasn't sure at first, but she is clearly receptive to that sort of thing.

Still NO teeth. She chews on her hands a lot, and I can see some white under her gums but nothing coming through yet. Which I'm sure means she will get a billion all at once. That sounds painful, but I guess I would rather go through a lot of pain and get it over quicker than be in slightly less pain more often.

She gives kisses all the time. And she usually kisses everyone in the room, multiple times, in order.
Quiet time watching videos with Daddy


Erica Castillo said...

awwww I can't wait for mine to reach this stage! :) That's funny, because my first real words were "Ba! Se Cabo!" (which pretty much also means "no more"). I'm going to try to teach that to Eva too. I need to look more into signing!

Ellen said...

Trying to stay off social media, but of course, I'm addicted to looking at something on the internet so I thought I would see if you were still writing blogs. Looks like it's been a while. Lol. Can you believe it's been 5 years since you wrote this? And now Nora is so big and you have Jason too! I love your family so much! And I'm gonna send that Raiders gear that I talked about in your other post. Lol.