Monday, September 17, 2012


So, I never shared Nora's newest stats. She is a petite little thing (I already knew that). She weighs in at 17.6 lbs (a little less than a lb over the last 3 months) and 28.5 in tall. That's <5th -="-" 12="12" 25th="25th" activity="activity" all="all" anyway="anyway" at="at" barely="barely" but="but" clothing="clothing" doctor="doctor" explains="explains" first="first" fits="fits" for="for" got="got" hand.="hand." he="he" height.="height." her...="her..." her="her" isn="isn" level="level" month="month" nbsp="nbsp" p="p" percentile="percentile" so="so" t="t" that="that" the="the" to="to" weight="weight" why="why" witness="witness" worried="worried">
It seems like she always eating too, non-stop and pretty much eats everything we do. We have been giving her a little bit of spice (Indian or Mexican usually), and she loves it! She has a major sweet tooth, which was inevitable given who her parents are...

And she finally has teeth! Her two bottom are making their way in. She's handled teething really well, thankfully. Her favorite things these days are trying to unlock/open/shut doors, climbing, playing with buckles, eating, and giving hugs and kisses. Waking up to baby kissing her is pretty much the best thing ever.

Random cell phone pictures. Psst... I'm on instagram too: nicoleorgan

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